Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Heads up on the Last Splash Meet game

Good Morning Coaches!

In keeping with the fun spirit of the last splash at NHA's Last Splash meet will be playing "Deal or No Deal." (Sorry Pete - but we had to have something to compete with last year's walking the plank!)

At the conclusion of each session, the team with the highest number of heat winners for that session will have a representative select from one of 10 "cases" (envelopes) on the deck wall. Those cases will have a task that one of their coaches must complete. It could be anything from making a paper hat out of their heat sheet, a lap of lunges or some kind of swimming event (beware of the 200 fly or 400 IM).

The coach must either complete the task or can take their chances and trade in that envelope for the envelope NHA's Board President has which will contain one of four pre-determined tasks (one for each session). The four tasks will be swim a 50 free, swim a 100 butterfly, 1 lap of lunges or just HAVE A NICE DAY (basically this is a get out of jail free card).

Hope to see you there - have a great rest of the season!

Happy Trails

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