Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nana Update

Hi everyone, Especially grandchildren,

The school year is becoming routine. It was wonderful to see the game and band festival in West Chester. Joanie is a beautiful cheerleader, One of the tallest with long thin legs. They are very good. Pop Pop really liked the dances to the Bands cheers. There are girls they lift but not Joanie. (I am glad).

The band is great because they have such a good drum major. Both are very sharp. They got 2nd at the Cavalcade. I think the 1st laid down their instruments and danced. Lots of applause from other bands influenced the judges. The Guyers, like everyone is are busy.

Sorry we didn't get to visit with McLaughlins. John is back in school with arbitration going on. Geri is very busy adjusting to her job. Helen is also going to play the Bass.
She is so good with the violin, I am not sure about that.

The girls are taking aerial lessons. On a trapeze in the air. I hope they are in a harness but I am afraid to ask. Of course they love it.

Erik and Grant are busy with swimming. Erik is also running Cross-Country. Both have to make decisions about school for next year. This year, Erik stays with his friends in most of classes. He likes that. Violin lessons and Special Strings Class have started.

The Majewski family just seem to drive. Adam has an Internship at the Aviary. Twice a month he will spend a couple hours there. Martin loves the Band. I haven't made a game. Last weekend they beat Penn Hills in the last 4 seconds with a field goal while West Chester was losing in the last minute with a field goal.

Casie and Tess continue with a big commitment to North Star Kids, playing piano and Dancing a couple times a week. They will be in the Columbus Day Parade with North Allegheny Band. Cassie and Charlie made Select Ensemble in Chorus which is good because they have no room for chorus in their schedule.

Joey is enjoying pre school. Megan enjoys her mom and family. Everyone enjoys them. Katie dances,plays trumpet, swims, does gymnastics, made select ensemble and piano. She loves it all. Kelli has started Goal, does gymnastics and piano. And Charlie continues swimming and piano. Loves the Middle School.

Keep us posted with all the concerts etc.

We leave Sat. for a bus drive to New York Harbor. Sail past the Statue of Liberty to arrive in Boston the next day. Then on to Portland Maine near Kennebunkkport. A day at Sea. Next stop will be Saint John NB There is the Bay of Fundy which has the highest tides in the world and a natural phenomenon called Reversing Falls.(??).

Then on to Hallifax NS. We return home the next Sat.

We are excited. Say a prayer for us. We will miss you all.


Wednesday, September 03, 2008