Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Letter top ten for 2008

10 Maintaining straight as through the first report period
9 Making time standards for the Junior Olympics
8 Joining a rock strings group called Xtreme Strings Orchestra (xso)
7 Thoroughly enjoying the sport of golf
6 Joining the JCC
5 Having a new president
4 Choosing a new middle school to attend next year
3 Welcoming two new kittens to our family; we have three cats: Samson, Delilah, and Sarah
2 Having the privilege to go to the Beijing 2008 Olympics
1 Completing another great year with my loving family

Monday, December 08, 2008

the17thman: Umm...excuse me. But there's a rat in my swim lane...

the17thman: Umm...excuse me. But there's a rat in my swim lane...: "Heat nine was over and as we were approaching the blocks with our counters on the other end all ready to count the official told us to step back. Then he called for the lifeguard. My coach came over to let us know that a rat was swimming. Swimming in my lane. What? Yes, seems like the rats in Long Beach joined up with the Grunions to swim the 1500 SCM. After a few attempts of fishing the rat out a brave soul dove into the pool and fished out the rat with a kickboard. The race was back on."
We swam here the day before this master meet.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Energy and Music: Venezuela Youth Orchestra

Steven Vance, the leader of Extreme Strings, sent along this note and pointers:
Thought you might enjoy seeing this group from Venezuela . A musican friend had shown me this before but over the weekend it came up at the Yamaha String Educators Summit. The Dean of Music at Indiana U. (Bloomington) was discussing their new outreach program which was designed after the Venezuelan model.

These are mostly concert clips but you've never seen anything like the energy and enthusiasm. This is something like what I'd like to see Extreme Strings events become. There are more clips available once you get to YouTube.

The Promise of Music:

From Bonn:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Neighborhoodwalk (s) while in Beijing

What is great to one, may not be great to another.

The Great Wall isn't my true "neighborhood." However, it is a place that was visited in 2008 and five years prior. It is a wonderful place to experience. You can't 'walk' it -- rather -- you need to "climb."

And we're less without friends. These are our Beijing friends. Photo shows Erik, Grant, Fay (Simon's mother), and Simon.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Going to swim at meet in Cleveland

The Mark J. Braun Fall Classic 21-Nov-08 to 23-Nov-08 Yards
Location: Cleveland State University

Our Entries:

Rauterkus, Erik (14) JCCS-AM
# 22 Men 13-14 200 Breast seed = 2:47.47Y

# 34 Men 13-14 50 Free seed = 27.09Y

# 72 Men 13-14 100 Breast seed = 1:28.88L

# 76 Men 13-14 100 Free seed = 1:00.42Y

Rauterkus, Grant (10) JCCS-AM
# 40 Men 10 & Under 100 Free = seed = 1:11.36Y

# 44 Men 10 & Under 50 Breast seed = 53.22L

# 50 Men 10 & Under 100 Back seed = 1:26.66Y

# 60 Men 10 & Under 200 IM seed = 3:08.47Y

# 96 Men 10 & Under 200 Free seed = 2:35.41Y

# 100 Men 10 & Under 100 IM SEED = 1:25.25Y

# 114 Men 10 & Under 50 Free seed = 32.50Y

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nana Update

Hi everyone, Especially grandchildren,

The school year is becoming routine. It was wonderful to see the game and band festival in West Chester. Joanie is a beautiful cheerleader, One of the tallest with long thin legs. They are very good. Pop Pop really liked the dances to the Bands cheers. There are girls they lift but not Joanie. (I am glad).

The band is great because they have such a good drum major. Both are very sharp. They got 2nd at the Cavalcade. I think the 1st laid down their instruments and danced. Lots of applause from other bands influenced the judges. The Guyers, like everyone is are busy.

Sorry we didn't get to visit with McLaughlins. John is back in school with arbitration going on. Geri is very busy adjusting to her job. Helen is also going to play the Bass.
She is so good with the violin, I am not sure about that.

The girls are taking aerial lessons. On a trapeze in the air. I hope they are in a harness but I am afraid to ask. Of course they love it.

Erik and Grant are busy with swimming. Erik is also running Cross-Country. Both have to make decisions about school for next year. This year, Erik stays with his friends in most of classes. He likes that. Violin lessons and Special Strings Class have started.

The Majewski family just seem to drive. Adam has an Internship at the Aviary. Twice a month he will spend a couple hours there. Martin loves the Band. I haven't made a game. Last weekend they beat Penn Hills in the last 4 seconds with a field goal while West Chester was losing in the last minute with a field goal.

Casie and Tess continue with a big commitment to North Star Kids, playing piano and Dancing a couple times a week. They will be in the Columbus Day Parade with North Allegheny Band. Cassie and Charlie made Select Ensemble in Chorus which is good because they have no room for chorus in their schedule.

Joey is enjoying pre school. Megan enjoys her mom and family. Everyone enjoys them. Katie dances,plays trumpet, swims, does gymnastics, made select ensemble and piano. She loves it all. Kelli has started Goal, does gymnastics and piano. And Charlie continues swimming and piano. Loves the Middle School.

Keep us posted with all the concerts etc.

We leave Sat. for a bus drive to New York Harbor. Sail past the Statue of Liberty to arrive in Boston the next day. Then on to Portland Maine near Kennebunkkport. A day at Sea. Next stop will be Saint John NB There is the Bay of Fundy which has the highest tides in the world and a natural phenomenon called Reversing Falls.(??).

Then on to Hallifax NS. We return home the next Sat.

We are excited. Say a prayer for us. We will miss you all.


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008's Steen Addresses Ohio State Football Team's Steen Addresses Ohio State Football Team Steen, who just returned from the Olympic Games in Beijing, spoke to the Buckeyes about the accomplishments of eight-time gold-medal swimmer, Michael Phelps. Using Phelps as an example, Steen explained that the hardest thing to do in any sport was to 'win when you are expected to win.' He also spoke of his obsession with being successful, the importance of overcoming complacency, and of avoiding expectations set by those outside of the program.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Entry for Summer Celebration

Grant P. Rauterkus
Sex: M

MetName: Summer Celebration

MeeDate: June 20, 21, 22

EventNumber1: 18
Event1: 100 free
EntryTime1: 1.26.44 LC
EventNumber2: 26
Event2: 50 back
EntryTime2: 48.39 LC
EventNumber3: 40
Event3: 200 IM
EntryTime3: 3.41.93 LC
EventNumber4: 50
Event4: 200 free
EntryTime4: 3.00.45 LC
EventNumber5: 58
Event5: 100 back
EntryTime5: 1.45.16 LC
EventNumber6: 72
Event6: 50 breast
EntryTime6: 47.93 = SCY * ONLY SCY *
EventNumber7: 78
Event7: 50 free
EntryTime7: 38.15 LC
Comments: All LC (Long Course) times except #72, 50 Breast.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Big Mo the tortoise, zoo's oldest resident, dies at 75

Big Mo the tortoise, zoo's oldest resident, dies at 75: "The Pittsburgh Zoo announced today that Big Mo, a yellow-footed tortoise who was the zoo's oldest resident, died Sunday.

Big Mo's estimated age was 75.

A news release said he was being treated for a respiratory infection, common in older animals, particularly reptiles.

The tortoise was acquired by the zoo in 1972 as a wild-caught adult."

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wierd Al

One of my favorite musical artists is Weird Al Yancovic. My favorite song of his is by far Ebay. Another of my favorites is Eat It. He really knows how to make fun of a song. From Amish Paradise to "White and Nerdy" it never gets old.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Ncaa Brackets

It's March and that means NCAA tournament. My final four picks are all no.1 seeds:
University of North Carolina, Kansas, Memphis, Ucla. I don't have any upsets so I played it by the rules. My overall winner is UNC with Tyler Hansborough leading them to victory over UCLA.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Coaching Resource: keep those suits away from the kids

ASCAOnline - Your Coaching Resource One of the most disturbing trends that I have seen is age group swimmers, particularly 12 and unders and 10 and unders, in the new hi-tech suits made by all the swimsuit companies, in prelims and finals of these local meets.
I agree.

Friday, February 29, 2008

50 back -- Age Group Championships

Grant is slated to swim next Sunday in the Age Group Championships. Here is the psych sheet.

#104 Men 6-10 50 Yard Backstroke
Meet Qualifying: 38.39
Name Age Team Seed Time

1 Liu, Kevin H 9 USCS-AM 34.27
2 Nass, Gabriel A 10 CVSC-AM 36.10
3 Mihailescu, Andrei 10 TWST-AM 36.16
4 Baun, Ian G 10 MLAC-AM 36.35
5 Smith, Trevor E 10 ANSC-AM 36.47
6 Burkett, Nathan J 10 SVSC-AM 37.17
7 MacDonald, Colin J 10 ANSC-AM 37.41
8 Kairys, Jack L 9 ANSC-AM 37.75
9 Schmidt, Brody M 10 CVSC-AM 37.98
10 Rauterkus, Grant P 10 JCCS-AM 38.11
11 Hofmeister, Adam H 10 NHA-AM 43.38
12 Ragoowansi, Evan A 10 NHA-AM 47.78
13 Belanger, Luke D 9 NHA-AM 48.61
14 Lovasik, Brian D 10 NHA-AM 51.70
15 Tommarello, Matthew A 10 NHA-AM 53.88
16 Ragoowansi, Kieran T 6 NHA-AM 56.32
17 Belanger, Joey D 7 NHA-AM 2:02.19

I don't know what's up with NHA. I expect that they had a glitch and the entire team got entered in events. So, I expect that there will be 10 in the event. Only 8 make finals.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

BB Meet entries

Rauterkus, Erik (13) JCCS-AM

# 22 Men 13-14 100 Free 1:00.81Y

# 62 Men 13-14 50 Free 27.11Y

Rauterkus, Grant (10) JCCS-AM

# 36 Men 6-10 50 Free 33.31Y

# 40 Men 6-10 100 Back 1:26.66Y

# 48 Men 6-10 200 IM 3:16.10Y

# 78 Men 6-10 100 IM 1:29.78Y

# 82 Men 6-10 50 Back 41.02Y

# 86 Men 6-10 100 Free 1:13.39Y

# 98 Men 6-10 200 Free 2:39.23Y

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Steve Prefontaine

We enjoyed a family movie night. I got to go to the video store. They didn't have "Forrest Gump" -- so -- I got the next best one, "Pre".

We loved it.
Steve Prefontaine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Steve Roland Prefontaine (January 25, 1951 – May 30, 1975) (nicknamed Pre) was an American long distance runner. Prefontaine is considered to be among the greatest and most inspirational runners of the modern era by many of his fans, both during his lifetime and to this day. Prefontaine helped inspire a running boom in the 1970s along with contemporaries Frank Shorter and Bill Rodgers. Born and raised in Coos Bay, Oregon, Prefontaine was primarily a long distance runner who once held the American record in the five distance track events from the 2000 meters to the 10,000 meters.[1] Prefontaine had one leg longer than the other (a common condition that does not affect running speed), and due to this he was told to give up on his dream of being the fastest runner on earth.[citation needed] He is known for his extremely aggressive 'front-running' racing style and for always believing in giving a full effort. Prefontaine died at the age of 24 in a car accident."
We need to check out more and more Olympic movies in advance of the 2008 Games.

All other suggestions are welcome.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Heads up on the Last Splash Meet game

Good Morning Coaches!

In keeping with the fun spirit of the last splash at NHA's Last Splash meet will be playing "Deal or No Deal." (Sorry Pete - but we had to have something to compete with last year's walking the plank!)

At the conclusion of each session, the team with the highest number of heat winners for that session will have a representative select from one of 10 "cases" (envelopes) on the deck wall. Those cases will have a task that one of their coaches must complete. It could be anything from making a paper hat out of their heat sheet, a lap of lunges or some kind of swimming event (beware of the 200 fly or 400 IM).

The coach must either complete the task or can take their chances and trade in that envelope for the envelope NHA's Board President has which will contain one of four pre-determined tasks (one for each session). The four tasks will be swim a 50 free, swim a 100 butterfly, 1 lap of lunges or just HAVE A NICE DAY (basically this is a get out of jail free card).

Hope to see you there - have a great rest of the season!

Happy Trails

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Pending meet entries for B and BB champs

B Meet Entries:

Rauterkus, Grant (10) JCCS-AM
# 9 Men 6-10 100 Breast 1:47.24Y
# 12 Men 6-10 50 Fly 51.41Y
# 51 Men 6-10 50 Breast 49.79Y

BB Meet Entries:

Rauterkus, Grant (10) JCCS-AM
# 36 Men 6-10 50 Free 33.31Y
# 40 Men 6-10 100 Back 1:26.66Y
# 48 Men 6-10 200 IM 3:16.10Y
# 78 Men 6-10 100 IM 1:29.78Y
# 82 Men 6-10 50 Back 41.02Y
# 86 Men 6-10 100 Free 1:13.39Y
# 98 Men 6-10 200 Free 2:39.23Y

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thursday, January 17, 2008

What a relay

The frames at 1:20 into the clip shows the style of swimming that Grant does.
National Bike Registry

Image:Canada provinces evolution.gif - Wikimedia Commons

Smart kids study and know this.
Image:Canada provinces evolution.gif - Wikimedia Commons An animated GIF of the evolution of Canada's internal borders, from the formation of the dominion to the present.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Home | Organizers Database (ODB)

Home | Organizers Database (ODB): "Does your nonprofit need to manage contacts and contributions without making a huge investment of money or time?"

Grants squad wins the Geography Bee

Grant was the captain of a four-student squad and led the team to a classroom victory in the Geography Bee. The team had a few hard rounds in the first day and was way behind. But, they caught up and finished in a tie for first on the second day (last Friday). The playoff was Monday and Grant team won.

Grant reported that he found the fifth Great Lake. (see comments)

Grant has been doing a good job at attending swim practices, four in a row. Thursday is without practice and we have a violin lesson. This weekend is a USA Swim Meet. Should be with a lot of good races.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Get to bed already

Study: Sleep more - weigh less!

A newsgroup,, had this conversation:

Sleep has been demonstrated to be an important regulator of many physiologic functions such as energy balance, appetite, and weight management. Lack of sleep has been linked to alterations in leptin and ghrelin levels (both regulators of appetite) and impaired glucose tolerance. Through these hormonal changes, long-term reductions in sleep may lead to weight gain. The link between sleep duration and obesity has been well established in adults; however, the potential association between short sleep duration or sleep problems and childhood overweight has not been well described.

Adequate Sleep Duration in Childhood May Help Prevent Overweight
> News Author: Laurie Barclay, MD
CME Author: Hien
> T. Nghiem, MD

Additional information below:

Children: Study Ties Too Little Sleep With Too Much Weight

A study of 7-year-olds has found that sleeping less than nine hours a
night was associated with being overweight or obese, even after
accounting for amounts of television watching and physical exercise.

More Vital Signs Columns »The study, being published Tuesday in the
journal Sleep, also found that short sleep duration was associated
with mood swings. The researchers had followed the subjects — 519
children in New Zealand — since birth, making periodic health and
developmental assessments and interviewing their parents.

Sleep time did not affect I.Q. scores or measures of attention-
deficit/hyperactivity disorder, but children who averaged less than
nine hours' sleep were significantly more likely than the others to
be overweight.

Using sleep monitors, the scientists discovered some other patterns
in the 7-year-olds. On average, the children stayed awake for 48
minutes after they went to bed, and slept about a half-hour longer on
weekdays than weekends. They slept the least in the summer: 40
minutes longer on winter nights, 31 minutes longer in the fall and 15
minutes longer in the spring. Having a younger sibling cost a 7-year-
old an average of 12 minutes of sleep per night.

"The study is important from the perspective of providing another
means of preventing the development of obesity," said Ed Mitchell,
the senior author and a professor of child health research at the
University of Auckland. "At least in New Zealand — and it needs to be
confirmed in other age groups — this seems to be an important factor."