Monday, July 16, 2007

Camp AK-O-Mak swimmer to cross the lake again -- a great lake

Camp AK-O-Mak: Sam logged 82 miles in the next 10 days and the following summer (August 2006) she swam Lake Ontario in the second fastest time ever recorded by a woman! Having missed the World Record by a mere 71 seconds, Samantha Whiteside will once again swim Lake Ontario this July, 2007…her second lake swim in less than a year! Coach Joni will be by her side for the 32 mile endeavour as before, but this “A” team will involve another Ak-O-Mak sister this year. Colleen Shields will act as Swim Master for the 2007 Lake Ontario Swim. Who could be more qualified than this gutsy Ak-O-Mak Alum who ALSO conquered Lake Ontario last summer and made the record books as the oldest female to achieve a successful crossing?

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