Tuesday, May 01, 2007

posting from New Zealand to class

Hi Ms. Riggle:

I am writing you at 6:30am on Wednesday and it is 2:30pm on Tuesday your time (in New Zealand they would call this 14:30).

It took two days to fly from Pittsburgh to New Zealand and we never stopped. We took off the 28th and landed the 30th. First we took a plane to Dallas, Texas. After that we got on a plane and flew to LA California. Once we were there we got ready to be on the overseas flight to Auckland New Zealand. We had one more destination to fly to and that was Christchurch, our final destination.

We've already gotten bikes and joined a swim team in forty-eight hours. We also have a violin teacher (we're pretty tired). Our house is huge and we all have our own rooms (a like jumping on the two beds in my room). We have a big backyard where I can get as dirty as I want to. It is fall here and yet it is may. The leaves are changing color and it is really nice outside. We've taken jogs multiple times and biked and swam multiple times.

So my Mom found the grocery store and asked for a pound of turkey. The man behind the counter just looked at her like she was nuts. They use the metric system. A pound would be 1/2 kilo. The turkey is good anyway.

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