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Stanford Records Allegations a Hoax Records Allegations a Hoax The most bizarre story in collegiate swimming just got a little wierder. Two weeks ago, former Stanford swimmer Michael McLean made allegations that Cardinal men's swimming coach Skip Kenney had erased his and other swimmers' records from the team media guide. In a press conference today, Kenney admited that the whole ordeal was just a put-on in an effort to motivate the team prior to the men's Division I Swimming and Diving Championships.'

'We were talking about ways to fire the guys up,' said the longtime coach. 'It's pretty tough sometimes when you consider how good it is for these guys. For one, they're smarter than everyone else-it takes a 1400 SAT to even get a look. Second, they get free school (or they've got parents who can spring for $46K in tuition, room and board. They get great jobs, have hot girlfriends and get tons of free stuff from Nike.'

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rest of the story:

"It was really pretty clever when you think of it," said one alum who was also in on the gag. "Skip's stories about Vietnam were starting to get old and we were content to just win the Pac Ten meet, so they decided to shake things up and blame everything on Michael."

The ploy worked as the Cardinal men's team swam exceptionally well over the three-day competition. Stanford recorded a 72% improvement rate over seeds(second behind Florida's 85% improvement) en route to a second-place finish highlighted by Ben Wildman-Tobriner's American Record in the 50 freestyle.

Purchase this Photo at McLean was targeted for the gag because of his particularly close relationship with Kenney. He only learned of the ruse when Kenney patted him on the head (pictured right), let him in on the joke and said, "I love this kid."

For his part, McLean was similarly experssive, "I said some things I didn't really mean." Upon finding out that Kenney was pulling his leg, he got as big of a laugh as anyone. "I should have known, Skip's legendary for these types of things. One time he put shoe polish on Jeff Rouse's goggles and another time he sewed the legs of Markus Rogan's fastskin together. We just figured it was a fastskin-but that's Skip."

Apparently Kenney's sense of humor is the suff of legend. He's been known to super glue quarters to the deck of the Avery Aquatic Center, short-sheet swimmer's beds on team trips, place saran wrap on Richard Quick's toilet seat and put icy hot on swimmers' pull buoys.

The stunt even had new Stanford Athletic Director Bob Bowlsby fooled. "I guess I over-reacted a little bit," he explained. Bowlsby came to Stanford after serving at AD at the University of Iowa . There it was the transcripts of Polish swimmers, not school records that were altered. "I can't believe I fell for that one again."

As a reward for playing along, Kenney planned to take McLean and the team out for minature golf and corn dogs at Malibu Castle Golf & Games in Redwood City as soon as they finished up a mandatory optional practice.

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