Sunday, August 30, 2009

Water Polo Tournament At IUP

My water polo team recently had a tournament at IUP against the Lawrenceville Prep school from New Jersey. It was a lot of fun and went really well. We had three games. The first, a boys varsity game (I played in that one.), a girls game (Some boys played in that one because we needed subs so the girls could rest, so I played a little in that one.), and a novice game (In which I played a little, and then was retired in the second half.). It was my team's overall first game, and we were happy with our results.

We had practiced for three weeks with pool time at Citiparks pools: Highland and Ammon.

I scored once in the second game, and my brother scored an amazing half court shot to cap the four goals he made. I had a good amount of assists and I played pretty well in all three games, playing the best in the varsity mens' game when I was more fresh. The only set back was that I am an eleven year old and the opposing team was made up of high school kids. I think that I can honestly say that I definitely kept with them and held my own.

I was reasonably nervous, but I guess that is understandable considering the circumstances in which I was playing, the circumstances including age and experience. It was a bit intimidating in the beginning. But when you start to really play, there are some set backs, but the rules are the over all equalizers.

Some of our 'go-to-guys' included my brother in the hole, and Tate Williams playing strong as well in different positions. We had a pretty well rounded team, and did rather well.