Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cancer Patient Meets Olympic Gold Medalist | | Sports

Cancer Patient Meets Olympic Gold Medalist | | Sports: "She says swimming helps keep her spirits high and her energy up.

Coutant also finds inspiration in Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps. She says they have something in common.

'He had something to overcome and he did,' says Coutant, referring to Phelps' ADHD. 'It was hard but he kept going with it and that inspired me.'

Coutant's dream has been to meet Phelps. This weekend, the local non-profit organization, Dreams Come True, made her wish come true.

Coutant and her family were flown to Phelps' hometown of Baltimore. They spent the day with him, eating lunch and watching him swim. Phelps also autographed her swim cap.

'It has definitely inspired me to try even harder and go even farther,' says Coutant.

Guys with Ties of Jacksonville is Coutant's sponsor for Dreams Come True. Dreams is the only locally based non-proft organization dedicated to fulfilling dreams of children with life-threatening illnesses.
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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Grant entries for Cleveland

Busby - CSU Meet
MeeDate: June 19,20,21, 2009

EventNumber1: 22
Event1: 200 free
EntryTime1: 2:52.47 LCM

EventNumber2: 28
Event2: 50 breast
EntryTime2: 53.22 LCM

EventNumber3: 32
Event3: 50 free
EntryTime3: 35.24 LCM

EventNumber4: 62
Event4: 100 free
EntryTime4: 1:19.33 LCM

EventNumber5: 68
Event5: 50 fly
EntryTime5: 50.10 LCM

EventNumber6: 72
Event6: 100 back
EntryTime6: 1:39.11 LCM

EventNumber7: 98
Event7: 100 breast
EntryTime7: 1:51.92 LCM

EventNumber8: 102
Event8: 50 back
EntryTime8: 45.82 LCM

EventNumber9: 108
Event9: 100 fly = 1:53.65 LCM