Tuesday, June 05, 2007

At the helm


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No Child Left Behind

Grant placed a call to his classroom back in the third grade at Phillips Elementary School, PPS, on the South Side. He misses his friends, teachers and classes.

From family - travels

He told them that on Thursday afternoon, the day before his call, he had been walking around the crater of a volcano. That day he was up early to travel from Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand and up north to Christchurch, on the main land, by plane. Then we were to get onto a bus at 12:30 pm to ride with the team down the east coast of the south island to another city, Dunedin, for a swim meet for the next two days.

There seems to be a "Grant box" in the home classroom. Students could write their questions to there and they'd get passed along in nearly daily emails.

Grant did well in the swim meet. But most of all, he did very well with the trip with the team making lots of new friends over the three day journey on bus, hotel and swim pool. Grant can be very social, even with older kids. Grant was one of the younger, if not the youngest, from our team on the trip. But, Grant, the "wee one" had his big brother and parents with him as well.

In the swimming, Grant set some personal records and made it to finals in the 100 fly and the 100 back.

We're now working on the final presentations for the classroom. And, of course, we have some treats for all the classmates.